Is there any reason why tune modifications would stick with one file and not another?I tuned a car that was previously tuned by another shop, and was able to make changes to the tables just fine. I was essentially just modifying existing values in the tables though, and not changing the MAF scalar or table axis.However, when I tried to tune another car, none of my changes will stick, using either full or partial read and flash methods. I would change the tune, flash the file, read it out and it would be the same as stock.If I load the full flash from the succesfully tuned car, I can then change table values, but not axis or MAF scalars still. Anyone have some suggestions? I have confirmed that the write access pins are jumped, and am using an unmodded VAG KKL cable with the FTDI chip in it, and the MS41 flash tool. What am I missing?

Please help.

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