My associate has a wrx rally car. it has a decent forged engine with very loose PW clearances, running 650cc sards, and a motec m48 running anti lag, vf34 restricted, oem tmic. was making 140 odd kw.He recently entered in a non cams event, and could run mdified, so threw a vf23 on, front mount intercooler, no restrictor, and had the ecu retuned.The local tuner here said the tune was fat, safe and had heaps of correction. made 190kw on the dyno, and felt strong. 5 minutes into the first stage, the engine started to feel doughy. expect air temps were forcing ign retard. by the ten minute mark, power was remarkedely lower, the engine was detonating badly, and thecoolant temp was rising on the guage.This is the second time he has had a car tuned by this tuner, with the same result, the last time, he destroyed the engine. unsure about this time.Now ive looked at a tune this tuner has put into a customer haltech e8, and i noted he was removing fuel when coolant temps got high. he was also retarding ign when air temps rose.I thought adding fuel to help cool the pistons was wise ?

Please help.

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