I'm having a small issue where during the car chase, the sound cuts in and out.  I've seen other topics on overall audio issues but nothing definitive on whether a fix is coming and if so where to get it.  Within the game, I've tried it a bunch of different ways, and it's always the same thing.  It's just during the car chase, and the sound simply cuts in and out, though it's more silent than not.  I've heard some people have had this exact same problem on the XBOX.  I have not had any of the other bugs I've read about in Shadowbroker, however.I have quad core Intel i7 processors at 2.8 gigs each, sadly I don't remember my video card's exact name but it's a newer ATI model, my drivers are updated, and I've tried 2 different sets of speakers so it's a software issue of some sort.  I'm running Windows 7.  Still, since it's only during the car chase, I'm guessing it's a game issue and not a system issue.  Everything else runs great.I would love to see a patch for Shadowbroker addressing this (and any other issues people are having).  For the most part Mass Effect 2 is extremely well polished, and it just seems this last DLC was probably a bit rushed because of pressure or hype and thus a few bugs slipped through.

Please help.

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